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Be a great teacher or have a life?

Why not do both?

You desperately want to be an impactful teacher. 


But the countless hours of planning are leaving you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with no energy left over for teaching. 


At the end of the day, you're caught between wanting to positively impact students’ well-being and nurturing your own. 

This doesn't have to be your "teacher norm".

We're here to help.

How to Be a Great Teacher and Have a Life:

  • Step 1)
    Buy Lessons Plans


    Purchase one of our ready-to-teach that fits your needs and instantly download after purchase. 

  • Step 2)
    Teach an Epic Lesson


    Our lessons require NO EXTRA PLANNING. Just read through the detailed teaching plans and tah-dah, you're ready for class.

  • Step 3)
    Enjoy Your Life


    With all your extra free time, you don't have to choose between being a great teacher and having a life. Now you can do both!

We provide teachers with engaging lesson plans focused on relevant issues.

Helping you equip students with the knowledge and skills to take ownership of their well-being and thrive.

Available Lessons Topics

Comprehensive Curriculum

A comprehensive & skills-based health curriculum. 

Teach students how to create a healthy life with this comprehensive resource. This is a complete middle school health program and comes with:

  • 90+ Lesson Plans
  • Detailed Teaching Guides
  • Free Updates for Life
  • And so much more!

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Financial Literacy

Teach students how to build financial stability and live in financial peace with this financial literacy teaching bundle. 

Financial health is a big deal, impacting every aspect of our well-being. Equip students with a foundational understanding of how to build financial peace and live a life of financial stability. 

  • Nine Lessons
  • Ready-to-Teach

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Social Well-being

Teach students how to build and sustain healthy relationships with these Social Health unit plans.

Few things are most important to teenagers than their social relationships (who am I kidding, for adults too). These lessons teach students how to nurture healthy relationships and create lasting connections. 

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Career Exploration

Guide students as they explore careers with this six-part teaching bundle.

Your career deeply impacts every aspect of your life and well-being. This unit takes a comprehensive approach to career exploration as students research careers they're interested in and how to succeed in a job. 

  • Six Lessons 
  • Perfect Career Day lead up activities 
  • Challenges students to look beyond salary and status 

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Decision Making & Goal Setting

Teach students how to set goals and make decisions based on their values. 

Sex Ed & Sexual Health

Teaching Sex Ed just got a whole lot easier and less awkward.

  • Comprehensive 
  • 14 Lessons 
  • In the process of being updated (buy now, get free updates for life)

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Exploring Personal Values

Guide students as they identify and understand their core values.

Personal values drive our behavior and deeply influence well-being. When we understand who we are and why, we become empowered to live fuller lives. In this unit, students learn about their meaning and purpose in life and are challenged to live in connection with their core beliefs. 

  • Six Lessons
  • Updated content releasing soon (buy now, get free updates for life)

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Environmental Responsbility

Teach students how to be environmentally conscious with these Environmental Health unit plans. 

This skills-based fitness teaching unit comes with nine lesson plans designed to teach students about taking care of the planet, how our environment impacts well-being, and how to advocate for Environmental Health at school.

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Nutrition & Fitness

Few things are most important to teenagers than their social relationships (who am I kidding, for adults too). These lessons teach students how to nurture healthy relationships and create lasting connections. 

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Mental Health & Emotional Literacy

Help students boost their mental health and emotional intelligence with these Inside Out Inspired Lesson Plans.

Mental Health is one of the biggest concerns in schools across the globe. This bundle helps students build the skills to express emotions in a healthy manner and understand how mental well-being helps your entire life. 

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Less planning,

Less planning,

Our fully designed lesson plans come with the following resources:

Instructional Video

Lesson comes with a video reviewing the entire lesson. Videos review the teaching guide while providing additional teaching insight.

Detailed Teaching Guide

Our lessons aren't just teaching ideas, they're fully designed plans. Each lesson comes with a step-by-step teaching guide.

Feel free to follow along or adapt as needed. 

Teaching PowerPoint

Lessons include a PowerPoint to help guide instruction and enhance student learning.

Answer Key

An answer key comes with every lesson. The answer key gives examples to share with student and make grading easy.  

Grading Rubric
Free Updates

The investment that keeps on giving. Every single resource comes with free updates for life.

“This was such a blessing to me, this is a complete HEALTH package! The rubrics are great and the activities are amazing! This is all you need, no planning or creating!"

Over a million students served.

Lesson Plans Sold

Teachers Strong


Available Resources

“I love your whole body wellness approach, and it's so much more meaningful than the Glencoe books I learned about in college. Your blog was actually a major influence in getting me on board for skills based health...something I hadn't even heard of previously.”

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  • Introduce students to a comprehensive approach to health
  • SAVE TIME with our no planning and minimal prep lessons
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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!